D-Day Squadron, hosted a fleet of C-47/DC-3s in the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Normandy in 2019. This year for the 80th anniversary they are organizing the D-Day Legacy Tour. "May 18, 2024 the D-Day Squadron is expected to depart Oxford-Waterbury Airport in Connecticut and head East to cross the Northern Atlantic along the original Blue Spruce route."

2019 was a stirring and eventful commemoration of one of history's greatest turning points, highlighting the memories of those who fought, and those who gave their lives, for our freedom. 

Of the planes from the USA, two Pan Am DC-3s were represented in the flight -- Historic Flight Foundation's Pan American Airways, N877MG & Robert Randazzo's Clipper Tabitha May.  Here is an exciting video of their departure in the D-Day Squadron for their journey across the English Channel on June 5th, 2019.

You can track D-Day Squadron's participation in the 80th Anniversary of D-Day in June 2024 at ddaysquadron.org


Mass Dakota Departure at Duxford for Daks over Normandy | 5th June 2019

 Video by Eliott Langran CGB Spotter on YouTube




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