Pan Am Building Lippold Sculpture from above

The Mission of the Pan Am Historical Foundation: For nearly 30 years, we've been preserving and promoting the unique heritage of Pan American World Airways, Inc. and its incomparable contributions to the technology, convenience, safety and excitement of commercial aviation. Today, the Pan Am Historical Foundation, continues its mission and seeks to encourage the work of other Pan Am groups but is a separate entity.

The Pan Am Historical Foundation, a 501(c)(3) educational foundation, was established in 1992 to preserve and promote the legacy of Pan American World Airways. The mission was exciting.

Initiated by a small group of former Pan Am employees, the Foundation addressed the threat that a comprehensive account of the company's historic contributions to aviation could be lost through the dissolution of corporate records and artifacts in the aftermath of Pan Am's ceasing operations in 1991.

The Foundation's newly formed board of directors successfully raised the needed funds and acquired such assets through the bankruptcy proceedings and subsequently placed them with appropriate organizations for professional stewardship. These repositories of the Pan Am legacy now include HistoryMiami; The SFO Museum; The Smithsonian Institution; and the University of Miami Special Collections. Unique Pan Am items from Duke University Hartman Center, HistoryMiami and University of Miami Special Collections are now digitized and shared on the Digital Public Library of America's Aviation Portal:

From less than a dozen members at its beginnings, the Foundation's general membership had grown to include hundreds of individuals, all dedicated to the goal of saving and sharing the Pan Am story for current and future generations. Both the entire general membership and the board of directors volunteer their services to this cause. In recent years the Foundation has furthered its mission by seeking partnership opportunities with other noteworthy Pan Am organizations and by sponsoring the annual Abrams-Banning Research Grant at Univerisity of Miami Library Special Collections.  

Current ongoing Foundation projects include historic film preservation, creation of an informative history website, promotion of the PBS documentary series, "Across the Pacific", and continuing development of Pan Am online exhibits. We are always pursuing long-term strategies to energize public knowledge and appreciation for the many contributions made to America and the world, by Pan American World Airways.

Members receive the Clipper newsletter, the sought-after annual Pan Am wall calendar and important email announcements,.

(The Pan Am Historical Foundation, in operation for nearly 30 years, seeks to encourage the work of other Pan Am groups but is a separate entity.)


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* Image: Lobby of the Pan Am Building (PAHF Collection)