PAHF 2020 Spring Clipper Newsletter cover

Pan Am Historical Foundation Clipper Newsletter Spring 2020


From the President, Pete Runnette. Annual Report, “Across the Pacific” release date,  Bill Lange on PAHF Board, website, Dinner Key exhibit, Next Gen memberships, Egypt tour.

Bill Lange Joins Board of Pan Am Historical Foundation

‘Across the Pacific’ - A sampling of completed documentary’s promotional images

Fulfilling a Dream - Captain Ronald Chin Won: The Firt Asian American Commercial Pilot for Pan Am. By Dr. Raymond Douglas Chong (Zhang Weiming)

A Historic Flight that Brought Down the House, by Roger Weatherburn-Baker, President. Naples Chapter of Le Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Pan Am Exhibit Planned for Dinner Key Miami by Jeff Kriendler

The Story of a Remarkable Woman: “The Lady and the Tigers’ by Olga Greenlaw. Review by Becky Sprecher

Pan Am Bookshelf by Ruth Maron:
“Flight 7 Is Missing: The Search for My Father’s Killer” (Ken Fortenberry, author)

“The Guest from Johannesburg” (Donald McPhail, author)