Noted Sculptor Milton Hebald passed away January 7, 2015. Learn more about his life's work in the LA Times

Hebald zodiac sculptures outside Pan Am Worldport  

"SCULPTOR APPLIES AESTHETICS: Prize-winning American Sculptor Milton Hebald blended formand function for a year-round astral recipe that suits Pan American World Airways' new terminal to a "T" (for Taurus). His 12 bronze signs of the zodiac, which adorn the 200-by-24-foot glass windscreen in front of the building at New York International Airport intrigue travelers the world over. Hist bronze-encased letters that form the free-standing words "PAN AMERICAN" are filled with a light-catching mosaic of Venetian glass and stones."

Hebald-Clipper-12 2011


Milton Hebald working on Pan Am sculptures for the Worldport


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The Zodiac Sculptures by Milton Hebald -- A Pan Am Legacy, by Ann Blumenstaadt



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