Pan Am Boeing 747 above San Francisco Bay 

Honor Someone Special with a PAHF Memorial/Honor Donation

In honor of someone special you know or have known, please consider making a Memorial or an Honor Donation to the Pan Am Historical Foundation.

When your gift is received, we'll send a card of acknowledgement to both the donor and to the honoree (or family of the honoree).  


How to make a PAHF Memorial Donation:

• You can make a Memorial Donation of $1,000 at "The Clipper Boutique" . A Memorial Donation of $1,000 or more will appear in the "Lifetime Memorials" section of Pan Am Historical Foundation's supporters list, published in the Clipper Newsletter.  

• To specify the exact amount you'd like to donate, you can pay online through PayPal. Fill out an online form to make 1 or 2 PAHF Memorial Donations:

For 1 Memorial/Honor Donation

For 2 Memorial/Honor Donations

• Make a Memorial Donation by mail or phone. Fill out the PDF and send to us.

Download & fill in the Mail-In Form (PDF) and submit