Noted Sculptor Milton Hebald passed away on January 7, 2015. Learn more about his life's work in the LA Times

Pan Am Hebald Sculptures on Worldport building exterior  

"SCULPTOR APPLIES AESTHETICS: Prize-winning American Sculptor Milton Hebald blended formand function for a year-round astral recipe that suits Pan American World Airways' new terminal to a "T" (for Taurus). His 12 bronze signs of the zodiac, which adorn the 200-by-24-foot glass windscreen in front of the building at New York International Airport intrigue travelers the world over. Hist bronze-encased letters that form the free-standing words "PAN AMERICAN" are filled with a light-catching mosaic of Venetian glass and stones."

Hebald-Clipper-12 2011


Milton Hebald working on Pan Am sculptures for the Worldport


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