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Pan  Am's First Lady: The Diary of Betty Stettinius Trippe

Compiled from the personal diaries of Betty Trippe (Mrs. Juan Trippe) this insightful book offers a one-of-a-kind perspective from the pinnacle of Pan American World Airways, as the company grew from its earliest days to span the globe. Lots of adventurous travel, and richly illustrated too, thanks to Betty Trippe’s excellent photos and editor/publisher Ron Davies’ maps. Hardcover by Paladwr Press, 1996.

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Table of Contents

Forward by Reeve Lindbergh
The Early Years: 1925-27
An Airline is Born: 1927-30
South America with the Lindberghs: 1929
First Across the Pacific: 1936
China Natonal Aviation Corporation (C.N.A.C.): 1936
Round the World: 1936
By Hindenburg to South America: 1936
Back Home by Sikorsky: 1936
Recollections of the 1930s
First Across the Atlantic: 1939
The War Years: 1939-45
Europe and South America: 1946
First Around the World: 1947
Post-War Vignettes: 1946-49
Hawaii (via Mardi Gras): 1950
Buenos Aires: 1950
Europe: 1951
South America (via Liberia): 1951
Europe and the Middle East: 1952
Caribbean, Central, and South America: 1953-54
The Pacific Rim: 1956
South America: 1958
Recollections: 1952-59
Around the World by Jet: 1960
West and East Africa: 1964
Eastern Europe and Russia: 1966
The Pacific and the Far East: 1967
Recollections: 1961-66
Round the World Again: 1968
Addendum: Some of the Team Members

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