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Flight 7 is Missing Cover for Media The Air Mail History of the Canal Zone and Panama, 1918-1941 (Vol. II) by Capt. Julius Grigore, Jr. (2011) Pan Am: An Airline and Its Aircraft, by R.E.G. Davies (1987) An American Saga: Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire, by Robert Daley (1980) Pan Am: An Aviation Legend, by Barnaby Conrad III (republished 2014) Around the World in 50 Years by Vincent Flury (2012)
Aviation's Quiet Pioneer: John Leslie and Pan American's Flying Boats by Peter Leslie (2012) China Clipper: Age of the Great Flying Boats by Robert Gandt (republished 2013) China's Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight by Gregory Crouch (2012) The Chosen Instrument: Juan Trippe, Pan Am, The Rise and Fall of An American Entrepreneur, by Selig Altschul and Marilyn Bender (1982) Empire of the Air by Jenifer Van Vleck (2013) Fasten Your Seat Belts: History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin, by Valerie Lester (2012)
PanAfrica: Across the Sahara in 1941 with Pan Am by Tom Culbert and Andy Dawson (1998) Flying - A Novel by Paula Helfrich and Rebecca Sprecher (2013) Food in the Air and Space by Richard Foss (2014) Forgotten Aviator: The Adventures of Royal Leonard, by Barry S. Martin (2011) Hydrangea Waving, by Joe Hale (2013) I Was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky by Fumiko Takahashi (2013)
Pan American World Airways: Images of A Great Airline, by Jamie Baldwin (2011) Images of Aviation: Pan Am by Lynn Homan and Thomas Reilly (2000) Jet Set: The People, the Planes, the Glamour and the Romance in Aviation's Glory Years, by William Stadiem (2014) SkyGods: The Fall of Pan Am, by Robert Gandt (1995) The Long Way Home (Revised Edition) by Ed Dover (2010) Pan Am Unbuckled: A Very Plane Diary by Ann Shelby Valentine and Ramona Fillman (2011)
Yankee on the Yangtze: Romance and Adventure Follow the Birth of Aviation by Nancy Allison Wright (2012) Pan American World Airways: Aviation History Through the Words of its People by Jamie Baldwin and Jeff Kriendler (2013) The Pan Am Journey, by Tom Kewin (2005) Airborne Dreams: Nisei Setwardesses and Pan American World Airways by Christine Yano (2011)  pan-ams-first-lady-cover-thumb Wings-to-the-Orient-cover-thumb
Talking-to-the-world-from-Pan-Ams-Clippers-cover-thumb Pacific-Pioneers-The-Rest-of-the-Story-cover-thumb pan-am-captain-frank-Frank-M-Briggs-cover-thumb pan-am-flying-the-oceans-cover-thumb Pan-American-Clippers-Golden-Age-of-Flying-Boats-cover-thumb Pictorial-History-of-Pan-American-cover-thumb
Flying Higher by Morten S. Beyer (2010) Flying Time: A Novel by Suzanne North (2014) Berlin Airlift: The Effort and the Aircraft by R.E.G. Davies and John Provan (1998) Glamour and Turbulence: I Remember Pan Am, 1966-91 by Aimee Bratt (1997) The 747 A tumultuous Beginning Pan Am Captain: Aiming High by Captain Bill Travis (2013)


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