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Books on Pan Am

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Reference Books on Pan Am:


Airborne Dreams: Nisei Stewardesses and Pan American World Airways by Christine Yano (2011) (**) 

Airlines of Pan American Since 1927 by Gene Banning (2001)

An American Saga: Juan Trippe and His Pan Am Empire, by Robert Daley (1980) (**)

China Clipper: Age of the Great Flying Boats by Robert Gandt (2013) (**)

China Clipper, Pan American Airways and Popular Culture by Larry Weirather (2006)

China's Wings: War, Intrigue, Romance and Adventure in the Middle Kingdom During the Golden Age of Flight by Gregory Crouch (2012)  (**)

The Chosen Instrument: Juan Trippe, Pan Am, The Rise and Fall of An American Entrepreneur, by Selig Altschul and Marylin Bender (1982)

Empire of the Air by Jenifer Van Vleck (2013) (**)

Fasten Your Seat Belts: History and Heroism in the Pan Am Cabin, by Valerie Lester (2012) (**)

Hunting the Wind-Pan American World Airways’ Epic Flying Boat Era, 1929-1946 by Teresa Webber & Jamie Dodson (2018)

The Long Way Home Revised Edition - A Journey Into History With Captain Robert Ford by Ed Dover (2010) (**)

--- Read a Chapter from "The Long Way Home Revised Edition - A Journey Into History With Captain Robert Ford” by Ed Dover

Pan Am: An Airline and Its Aircraft, by R.E.G. Davies (1987)  

Pan Am at War: How the Airline Secretly Helped America Fight World War II by Mark Cotta Vaz and John H. Hill (2019) (**)

Pan Am - Personal Tributes to a Global Aviation Pioneer by Jeff Kriendler and James Patrick Baldwin (2017)

Pan American Airways: Missions of Mercy and Evacuation Flights by Charles Imriani PhD (2020)

Pan American's Pacific Pioneers, The Rest of the Story by Jon E. Krupnick (2000)

PanAfrica: Across the Sahara in 1941 with Pan Am by Tom Culbert and Andy Dawson (1998)

The Spirit Behind the Spirit of St. Louis by Benjamin C. Barrett (2018)


Classic Books on Pan Am:


Flying the Oceans: A Pilot's Story of Pan Am by Horace M. Brock (1983)

Pan Am's First Lady, by Betty Stettinius Trippe (1996)

Pictorial History of Pan American World Airways, by P. St. John Turner (1972) 

SkyGods: The Fall of Pan Am, by Robert Gandt (1995) (**)

Talking to the World From Pan Am's Clippers by Francis Allan Chapman (1999)

Wings to the Orient: Pan American Clipper Planes 1935 to 1945, A Pictorial History by Stan Cohen (1985)


Pan Am Biography & Memoirs:


Above and Below the Clouds by Harry Frahm (2017) (**)

Aviation's Quiet Pioneer: John Leslie and Pan American's Flying Boats by Peter Leslie (2012)

Around the World in 50 Years by Vincent Flury  (2012)  (**) 

Captain Frank M. Briggs: A Pioneering Pan American Pilot, by Patrick A. Briggs (2012)

Flying Higher by Morten S. Beyer (2010) (**)

Come Fly the World: The Jet-Age Story of the Women of Pan Am by Julia Cooke (2021) (**)

Emotion in Motion: Tales of a Stewardess by Alexandra Rodrigues (2016) (**)

Forgotten Aviator: The Adventures of Royal Leonard, by Barry S. Martin (2011) (**)

Glamour and Turbulence: I Remember Pan Am, 1966-91 by Aimee Bratt (1997)

Hydrangea Waving, by Joe Hale (2013) (**)

I Was a Pan Am Princess of the Sky by Fumiko Takahashi (2013) (**)

Life, Love & a Hijacking: My Pan Am Memoir by Wendy Sue Knecht (2015) (**)

Pan Am Captain: Aiming High by Captain Bill Travis (2013) (**)

The Pan Am Journey, by Tom Kewin (2005) (**)

Pan Am: No Sex Please. We're Flight Attendants by Jon Breakfield (2016) (**)

Pan Am Unbuckled: A Very Plane Diary by Ann Shelby Valentine and Ramona Fillman (2011) (**)

Pan American World Airways: Aviation History Through the Words of its People by Jamie Baldwin and Jeff Kriendler (2013) (**)

Riding the Reef: A Pan American Adventure with Love, by Carol Nickisher (2005)

Wings of Freedom, by Al Topping (2021)

Yankee on the Yangtze: Romance and Adventure Follow the Birth of Aviation by Nancy Allison Wright (2012)


Pan Am Fiction:


A Desperate Journey by James Earl Haynes Jr. (2017)

Flying - A Novel by Paula Helfrich and Rebecca Sprecher (2013) (**)

Flying Conquistadors by Michael Scott Bertrand (2017) (**)

Flying Time: A Novel by Suzanne North (2014) (**)

Guest from Johannesburg, A Novel by Donald McPhail (2019)

Paradise in Ruins: A Novel (View) of the Pacific War by Antwyn Price (2016) (**)


Pan Am Non-Fiction:


The 747: A Tumultuous Beginning by Ron Marasco (2015) (**)

Building for War: The Epic Saga of the Civilian Contractors and Marines of Wake Island in World War II by Bonita Gilbert (2012)

China Clipper: The Secret Pre-War Story of Pan American's Flying Boats by Ronald Jackson (2017) (**)

Flight 7 is Missing, The Search for My Father's Killer, by Ken. H. Fortenberry (2020)

Leadership in Management: My Observations of and Experiences and Leadership in Management by John Stearns (2012)



Pan Am Pictorial Books:


Images of Aviation: Pan Am by Lynn M. Homan and Thomas Reilly (2000) (**) 

Pan Am: An Aviation Legend, by Barnaby Conrad III (republished 2014)

Pan Am: History, Design, and Identity by Matthias C. Hühne Premium Edition (2019)

The Pan Am Clipper: The History of Pan American's Flying Boats 1935–1945 by Roy Allen (2018)

Pan American Clippers: The Golden Age of Flying Boats, by James Trautman/2nd Ed. Revised (2019)

Pan American World Airways: Images of A Great Airline, by Jamie Baldwin/2nd Ed. (2020)

Pan American World Airways: Images of Modern America by Laura J. Hoffman (2015) (**)



Other Pan Am-Related books:


The Air Mail History of the Canal Zone and Panama, 1918-1941 (Vols. I & II) by Capt. Julius Grigore, Jr. (2011) (**)

The Art of the Airport: The World's Most Beautiful Terminals by Alexander Gutzmer, Stefan Eiselin, and Laura Frommberg (2016)

Becoming Pan Am: Durango to Danang by Nadine Wilcox Givens (2020)

Berlin Airlift: The Effort and the Aircraft by R.E.G. Davies and John Provan (1998)

Captain of the Tides Gunner Morgan by Charles Morgan and Jacque Hillman (2020)

The Crash Detectives: Investigating the World’s Most Mysterious Air Disasters, by Christine Negroni (2016) (**)

Empires of The Sky - Zeppelins, Airplanes, and Two Men’s Epic Duel to Rule the World by Alexander Rose (2020) (**)

The Evolution of the Airline Industry: Regulation, Events and Influencing Factors by James Patrick Baldwin, JD (2020)

Food and Aviation in the Twentieth Century: The Pan American Ideal by Bryce Evans (2020) (**)

Food in the Air and Space by Richard Foss (2014) (**)

Jet Set: The People, the Planes, the Glamour and the Romance in Aviation's Glory Years, by William Stadiem (2014) (**)

A Life Aloft by Jack W. Burke (2013)

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries by Safi Bahcal (2019) (**)



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