Pan Am B 314 Yankee Clipper illustration



“On 20 May, scheduled Atlantic service opened, with Capt. La Porte in the Yankee Clipper departing from Port Washington for Marseilles, carrying mail only. La Portes’s flight went smoothly, and all stations and facilities performed well. Because there were large numbers of first day air mail covers on these early flights, an unusual task became necessary. At some stops, members of the crew helped postal agents to hand-cancel the letters. Another task fell to the stewards: because weight limitations precluded the carriage of sufficient water for washing dishes, these were taken ashore and washed by the stewards in the Customs building. Considerable negotiation was required to obtain Customs approval for this, as it ahd never been done before.The weight problem also limited the carriage of supplies such as drinking water and ice, but delicious meals were served on the B-314s, mostly cooked on board.”

From Airlines of Pan American Since 1927, by Gene Banning.