June 15th, 1935 Anniversary. An Excerpt from Literary Digest of the Pan Clipper survey flight to Midway.

Noted in the press 77 years ago, "A Clipper-Plane's Flight"(Literary Digest, June 22, 1935, p. 6):

"Five gallons of ice-cream, packed in a refrigerating chemical, were a treat to the thirty-five Americans living on the two sandy islets of Midway atoll, in a coral- locked mid-Pacific lagoon, on June 15. The frozen sweet had come 1,254 miles, from Pearl Harbor, near Honolulu, in nine hours, thirteen minutes. It was flown to the second station on the projected transpacific air-route to the Far East by Pan American Airways' four- motored clipper-plane. Piloted by Capt. Edwin C. Musick, the plane carried a crew of five, and two passengers-air-line officials on an inspection-trip.

The flight followed the "on schedule" precedent established in the giant amphibion's pioneering trips to Hawaii from Alameda, California. Other stepping-stones to Asia in the Pan American route are Wake Island, 1,442 miles from Midway; Guam, 1,151 miles from Wake; Manila, 1,506 miles from Guam. "  

The second transpacific survey flight, terminating at Midway on June 15th, 1935 was conducted two months after the first flight, which went as far as Honolulu before returning to California.

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