Pan Am Dixie Clipper Reunion Booklet cover

 Dixie Clipper Reunion Book, by Don Cooper


In November 2012, Pan Amers gathered in Monaco to celebrate the history of Pan Am's Dixie Clipper, a big reunion with old friends.

Enjoy the recap by Lou Berman and view our slideshow with amazing photos by Robert A. Genna. Thanks to Mary Lou Bigelow for a link to the Riviera Reporter story highlighting the event.


For background, excerpts from the excellent souvenir reunion booklet shed light on the famous Dixie Clipper's historic flights and the history of Pan Am's Intercontinental Hotels:

Aboard the Dixie Clipper: Welcome Aboard: Read the PDF

Conquering the Atlantic by Don Cooper: Read the PDF

Pan American Intercontinental Hotels: Read the PDF


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