Pan American International Air Express poster, 1938

People have treasured items associated with Pan American World Airways for decades. And tangible reminders of the "world's most experienced airline" continue to capture the imagination of fans and collectors with the passage of time.  If you're a collector or just want to purchase new Pan Am merchandise, check out these resources to help you find what you're looking for.

Books: Link to the Books section for information on Pan Am history resources.
Shop: Link to other Shopping info on Kelly Kusack's website has thorough info on collectibles, including Pan Am items for sale, and a special page devoted to memorabilia values.
The Pan Am AWARE Store is currently closed during Covid-19: Featuring Pan Am memorabilia and new merchandise available for purchase.

Pan Am Brands: Pan Am trademark merchandising and licensing programs. Linked In profile and articles. To contact, go to


Selected Bibliography of Pan American World Airways: The University of Miami Special Collections features a bibliography and notes created by Craig Likness and Maria R. Estarino in 2007.