Flying Time: A Novel by Suzanne North (2014)Flying Time: A Novel by Suzanne North (2014)(**)


The story within this story is set at the very cusp of war in the Pacific, a young Canadian woman named Kay Jeynes is sent to the other side of the world on a personal mission for her elderly employer, who happens to be Japanese. On the way, she finds adventure and romance, much of it on board a Pan American clipper. She is also headed down a path of self-discovery, the results of which are not all that welcome. North, an accomplished mystery writer, has crafted a very readable story, and has a deft touch with dialog.  She has done some credible research into a long-past time and place in bringing this story to life (written in the first person), and it's not too difficult to overlook some of the small mistakes that creep into the historical narrative. That's no reason at all not to enjoy this imaginative and absorbing book.