Pan Am Captain: Aiming High by Captain Bill Travis (2013)Pan Am Captain: Aiming High by Captain Bill Travis (2013)(**)


"Bill Travis' PAN AM CAPTAIN: AIMING HIGH is an adventure story wrapped inside a memoir. Here is a slice of aviation history viewed through the eyes of Pan Am captain Bill Travis.

The author takes you on a personal journey, coming up the hard way, joining the great Pan Am at the peak of its glory days, living through the airline's slow descent to extinction, making the most of each new situation.

Captain Travis is good company for this journey, not just for the plethora of anecdotes and personal history, but also for what you'll learn about the skills of visualization and goal-setting.This is a great ride, informative and entertaining. You'll be glad you took the trip." Review by Robert Gandt, Author of SKYGODS: The Fall of Pan Am

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