Juan Trippe and Pan American World Airways history montagePan Am Historical Foundation preserves the unique legacy of Pan American World Airways, promoting the history of the people who made Pan Am "The World’s Most Experienced Airline." In addition to special archives projects, community events and research grants, the Foundation publishes a newsletter and its iconic Pan Am annual calendar for members.


Foundation Officers

Edward S. Trippe, Chairman

C.W. (Pete) Runnette, President

Sally Andersen, Treasurer

Darlene Carver Laster, Secretary. VP, Asia & Pacific



Lillian A. Walby, VP, Latin America & Caribbean. Chair, Archives & Memorabilia
John H. Hill, Chair, Museums & Exhibits
Jeffrey Kriendler, Chair, Communications
Ruth Maron, Clipper Editor
Doug Miller, Web Administrator

Directors at Large

Peter M. Leslie

Ron Marasco

Charles W. Trippe, Jr.



Advisory Council Members

Jeanne Bayer
W. Harvey Benefield
Kelly Cusack
George Doubleday II
Sondra R. Galperin
Robert Gandt
Pamela Hanlon
John McGhee
Ginny McKillop
Jerry Spampanato
Allan H. Topping


Directors Emeritus

George B.E. Hambleton
Jennie D. Sefton
Ellen Shikuma
Edward E. Swofford
James W. Vaughn


Executive Director

Emilia De Geer
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In Memoriam

Richard Blair, VP, Europe & Atlantic. Chair, Membership & Marketing
Kathleen M. Clair
Clifton N. Cooke
James O. Leet
Charles W. Trippe, Sr.