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Editor, Doug Miller, Media Coordinator

Contributing Editor, Eric Hobson, PhD

Eric H. Hobson, Ph.D., loves commercial aviation’s earliest days, particularly flying boats: regardless of these crafts’ admitted limitations and liabilities, they were sexy, evocative, exotic, and, just plain fun. Ergo, his long-standing Pan Am obsession.

When not teaching non-fiction writing courses at Belmont University (Nashville, TN), he’s usually found surf fishing somewhere, gardening, and engaged in archival research. Eric loves nothing better than opening moldy folders to find the unexpected historical treasure…a Charles Lindbergh letter, an S-42 manufacturer’s plate, a pilot’s complete career flight log. Then, of course, these stories must be told, and so he heads to the keyboard to translate data into narrative (taking his students along on the journey, whenever possible).


Social Media Advisor/Contributor, Shea Oakley

Shea Oakley has been a commercial aviation enthusiast for as long as he can remember. He first joined the World Airline Historical Society (WAHS) in 1983 at age 15 and in 1987 was co-founder of the Tri-State Airline Historical Society. The following year Shea began the first airline collectibles show held in the New York area, “Airliners Northeast,” at Newark Airport. He has written feature articles on U.S. airline history for several print and electronic publications and is currently Managing Editor of the quarterly journal of the WAHS. Holding a B.S. degree in aviation management, Shea worked in airport operations in the New York area for several years. He joined the staff of the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of NJ in 2001 and was its Executive Director from 2006-2018. His latest project is The Commercial Aviation History Consultancy, an enterprise devoted to fact-checking and research for commercial aviation projects in every form of media. His first flight on Pan American was at the age of four months, in 1968, on a short-lived Bermuda-Newark 720B service. His last flight was at age 21 in 1989, travelling aboard a 727-200 from Houston to New York-JFK. He has been fascinated by Pan Am all his life. 



Drawing on • primary documents • historic images • first-hand accounts • interviews & stories • oral histories • maps, logs & diaries • and guest writers, as well as decades of promotional materials • with links to quality online resources

Our mission at is to reveal and share the history of Pan Am’s important place in the rise of modern aviation — from the early trailblazing days, through the decades to the Jet Age and beyond.

Building on the substantial resources of the Pan Am Historical Foundation we’re dedicated to rediscovering and interpreting Pan Am’s impressive 20th century achievements, which we think remain very relevant to the world today.

Our team offers what we believe is an outstanding online resource, and we invite you to take a deep dive to explore articles both long and short — filled with information, images, and stories about Pan American World Airways.

We hope you’ll immerse yourself in Pan Am’s remarkable history!


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