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The Website: Illuminating Pan Am’s Brilliant, Fabled Past

Editors: Doug Miller, Media Coordinator / Contributing Editor, Eric Hobson, PhD



Drawing on • primary documents • historic images • first-hand accounts • interviews & stories • oral histories • maps, logs & diaries • and guest writers, as well as decades of promotional materials • with links to quality online resources


Our mission at is to reveal and share the history of Pan Am’s important place in the rise of modern aviation — from the early trailblazing days, through the decades to the Jet Age and beyond.
Building on the substantial resources of the Pan Am Historical Foundation we’re dedicated to rediscovering and interpreting Pan Am’s impressive 20th century achievements, which we think remain very relevant to the world today.
Our team offers what we believe is an outstanding online resource, and we invite you to take a deep dive to explore articles both long and short — filled with information, images, and stories about Pan American World Airways.

We hope you’ll immerse yourself in Pan Am’s remarkable history!


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Photo:: Entry to Pan Am's History